ENGINE 771 2000 FL112
American Lafrance pumper. 1500
gpm pump, 1000 gal tank, jet dump.
ENGINE 772 1988 GMC, FMC
Pumper/ Tanker, 1000 gpm pump
, 1000 gallon booster tank. Jet
TANKER 775 2004 Freightliner M2,
Elliptical U.S. Tanker.  500 gpm pump,
1800 gal tank with Newton Dumps.
Brush 777  2008 Ford
F550,Anchor-Richey EVS, 200gpm
pump, 300gal tank, 5 gal foam tank,
300ft forestry hose reel, medical
UNIT 778  2005 Ford F550 Crew cab,
Anchor-Richey EVS Multi-Purpose Responder.  250
gpm pump, 300 gal tank, 20 gal foam tank, 5500 kw
diesel generator. RIT equipment.   
SQUAD 77  1999 Chevrolet
Suburban, Used for Medical
calls and as the command unit.
Rowan County Emergency Services Disaster Trailer #2 -
Mobile apparatus used to handle medium to large scale
incidents.  The trailer is operated by Woodleaf FD and is
available for use by all county and municipal fire departments.
Pictures by Kim Todd   Show Me Your Teeth Photography
ENGINE 773  2010 KME Predator
Pumper, 1500 gpm pump, 1000 gal. tank,
20 gal. foam tank, six man cab, Hurst
extrication equipment and rescue jacks,
medical equipment,